Joe Hicks
Joe Hicks
Hi, I'm Joe.
I'm a Brooklyn based DP and FAA licensed drone operator with multiple camera packages, a three ton lighting package and motion green screen experience.

I've shot in over a dozen countries on three continents and in countless US cities for major networks, top-tier brands and independent films. I work closely with a rotating crew whom I've known for years.

In addition to camerawork I've held Gaffer positions on large broadcast television productions and broadcast commercials. I'm very comfortable recording sound for interviews and verite. I've served as a field PM for shows including Dr. Phil and I've been proficent with Adobe Premiere for well over a decade.

I got my start a long time ago in a Gettysburg, PA cable access station while otherwise employed as a substitute teacher, orthopedic shoe salesman and line cook. Feel free to contact me any time. Email is faster than phone (please leave a message).
"  Very smart work.
- Rodney McMahon
Lighting Director
The Rachael Ray Show
"  All I've been hearing is how much they love the looks.
- Bill Kerr
Re-Cre Director
Field Producer
"  The client LOVED the lighting the second they walked into the room.
- Eric Blume
Wild Dog, LLC